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Re: xinetd: strange or normal???

On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Marco Calistri wrote:

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> Hello I've updated proftpd and reading inside docs I understood that
> it can be controlled by xinetd.d,so I "chkconfig proftpd off" then I
> enabled proftpd inside /etc/xinetd.d than restarted xinetd but I get
> no any ftp daemon starting.
> Wonder if is it due my misundertsanding about the fact that xinetd
> can manage (start/stop) some network daemons or have I to use BOTH:
> xinetd and init.d (via chkconfig) to start/stop such applications
> (?)
> Thank's
If the daemon is being controlled by xinetd, it will not be started 
untill someone tries to open a ftp connection.  That is the way xinetd 
works.  It monitors the port, and starts the proper service when someone 
connects.  Before starting the daemon, it also makes sure the host 
trying to connect is allowed to connect according to /etc/hosts.allow, 
and /etc/hosts.deny.


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