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Re: LVM not started by boot time scripts

On Fri, 10 Jan 2003, Tom Georgoulias wrote:

> My questions:
> 1. Should I just add a line to /etc/modules.conf to load lvm-mod and not 
> expect Red Hat to have everything needed to get LVM going from a simple 
> "rpm -i lvm"?

I would do this on my own system.

> 2. Or did I just do something stupid (or neglect to do something) and 
> that's why I'm in this situation?

I've been going thru the LVM process on a test box recently.   I do 
remember the LVM howto talking about using lvcreate_initrd as a tool to 
incorporate into the boot process.  Though when I try it, it complains 
about the ramdisk not being large enough. 

> 3. Out of curiosity, is there a chance for data corruption or damage if 
> I continue to use the  test that lacks the "-e /proc/lvm"?  I can't see 
> that happening, since it just runs vgscan and vgchange and the kernel 
> module is probably loaded at that point by those commands.
> Any tips are greatly appreciated.

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