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Re: ssh hangs for a long time

"Mikkel L. Ellertson" <mikkel Infinity-ltd com> writes:

> Try using "ssh -v -v oleg trillian " instead of
> "ssh -v -v oleg trillian" and see if that makes a difference.  What I 
> think is happening is that it is trying to tack a domain name on the 
> end, and look it up.  The delay is the timeout.  I bet it usualy happens 
> when one of the machines is connected to the Internet with a ppp 
> conection.  I get the same thing when I use just the host name.

I'll try that. And yes, trillian is my gateway (ADSL, with pptp/ppp)
to the world. However, what baffles me is that both machines have
entries for each other (both bare hostnames and FQDNs) in their
respective /etc/hosts files, and /etc/host.conf says /etc/hosts should
be looked up before DNS. So if it goes to /etc/hosts and finds the
entry there, why would it make a DNS query at all?

There is something I am missing here.

Oleg Goldshmidt | pub NOSPAM goldshmidt org

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