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Re: urgent gnome panel problems

I also don't have any panels.  Nothing is showing on
my screen except for the 3 default icons - myHome,
StartHere, and Trash.  When I right-click, the menu
only shows 

'New Window'
'New Folder'
'New Terminal'

I can access the program listing from hitting the
middle mouse button.

Where do I go to add the default bottom panel with the
icons and clock applet?

--- cesar vargas <vargasces hotmail com> wrote:
> How many panels do you have?
> In my case I have two one on the left side of my
> screen and another one on 
> the bottom of my screen.  I configure the second one
> to have the 
> capabilities of showing me my window listing when I
> minimize my 
> applications, my workswitcher and the clock.  If I
> was in your shoes I would 
> get rid off of all the panels you have and start
> from scratch. When you 
> don't have any panels you can right click at any of
> the four corners of your 
> screen and add a panel. If you right click on the
> panel it will show you 
> what you can do with it, like erase or create a new
> panel.  Once you have 
> your panel you can put it anywhere of the four sides
> of the screen.  Again 
> if you right click you can add properties to that
> panel.  Let's say you want 
> to add the window listing to your panel, right click
> on the desire panel -> 
> Add to this panel -> Utility -> Window list.
> The window list will show you what applications you
> are running.
> I would suggest to read Help specially the panels
> section because Gnome is 
> very configurable and you can have fun too.
> >From: Myriam Abramson <mabramso gmu edu>
> >Reply-To: valhalla-list redhat com
> >To: valhalla-list redhat com
> >Subject: urgent gnome panel problems
> >Date: 15 Jan 2003 06:14:20 -0500
> >
> >
> >Hi!
> >
> >I'm having problems with the gnome panel. First it
> does not come up by
> >itself at startup, so I have to issue the panel
> command. More
> >importantly , it does not show the applications
> running anymore and I
> >can't minimize anything. That is very annoying.
> Does anybody
> >know how I can get this panel capability back?
> >
> >TIA
> >
> >                                    myriam
> >
> >
> >
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