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Re: sendmail 8.11 problem

On Tue, 21 Jan 2003, Paul J. Harris wrote:

> hello.  I'm trying to get my firewall machine to relay it's email to
> an email server I have set up.  This is a small home network with 5
> machines - a "headless" firewall/gateway running Redhat 7.3, a
> Samba/storage/email server also running Redhat 7.3, my personal
> workstation running Redhat 8.0, and two Windows XP workstations. The
> email server gets all the email from all 3 workstations and relays
> it to our isp. However, I also want all the system mail generated by
> the firewall machine to be relayed to the email server where I can
> retrieve it from my workstation, but I can't get it to work right.
> The firewall is named "workhorse" and the email server is named
> "bigdaddy". I have workhorse set up as a null client.
You have a couple of ways to do this.  One way is to configure your 
aliiases file on workhorse so the e-mail addresses are all addresses on 
bigdaddy.  For example, if you change the alias for root to something 
like "root: root bigdaddy" then root at bigdaddy should get all the mail 
that would go to root workhorse 

The other way is what I think you are trying now.  It sounds like you 
have the first half done - workhorse sends all its mail to bigdaddy.  
Now you have to tell bigdaddy that it should accept mail from the rest 
of the network as local mail.  You can add the names to 
/etc/mail/local-host-names.  Don't forget to run makemap after you 
change the file.  (Running "make" in /etc/mail will do the trick.)


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