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Re: sendmail 8.11 problem

On Tue, 21 Jan 2003, Paul J. Harris wrote:

>  Mikkel,
>   There is no active firewall on bigdaddy yet, and the firewall on workhorse
> does not filter the internal adapter.  Initiating the telnet session
> produces the following message from bigdaddy almost as you indicated: "220
> localhost.localdomain ESMPT sendmail".  But when I type elho workhorse (or
> use any other computer name or type just elho) the response is <550 5.5.1
> command unrecognized "elho workhorse">.  I do not  get the response you
> indicated.  When I type quit, it does indeed say "closing connection - Good
> bye!".
>   I'm beginning to think this might have something to do with the host
> configuration on one or both computers. Both identify themselves on the
> sendmail connection between them as "localhost.localdomain". There is a
> caching name server running on workhorse with a zone and zone file that
> includes all 5 internal machines, but nslookup and dig are unable to resolve
> any of them unless ".localdomain" is appended to the host name. The funny
> thing is that both Windows XP workstations, an intermittently connected
> laptop with Windows NT 4 on it, and my Linux workstation send thier mail
> perfectly through bigdaddy.  The addresses are properly masqueraded and
> relayed to Earthlink exactly as they should be. The only problem is with the
> sendmail to sendmail connection between workhorse and bigdaddy.
> Paul
I can see the problem a lot better now.  Sendmail on both machines is 
using the same host name.  Not a good thing.  You can specify the host 
name in your sendmail.cf file.  Look for the line "#Dj$w.Foo.COM" and 
put a line under it.  "Djbigdady" for bigdady, and "Djworkhorse" for 
workhorse.  You will need to restart sendmail after making the changes.

You realy need a domain name to set this up properly.  The domain name 
should be the same one used for the local domain in your name server 
zone files.  You can use localdomain, or mydomain, or something like 
that.  The you can change the hostnames for workhorse and bigdaddy to 
match.  This should eliminate the need to using the Dj option in 
sendmail.  This is the proper long-term fix.

You may also want to take a look at using Postfix instead of Sendmail.  
I find it easyer to configure.  Postfix is also included with Redhat, so 
you already have a rpm for it.  If you deside to change, I would change 
it on workhorse first, and change bigdaddy after you are comfortable 
with it...


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