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Re: Sendmail Probing Question

On Mon, 27 Jan 2003, Keith Mastin wrote:

> >
> >Question:
> >
> >I am in the process of setting up a domain for a company we'll call
> >abc.com.  I have them setup in sendmail and at this time there are no
> >users (yet) for this domain.  What is happening is someone is (lack of a
> >better term) probing the domain by sending emails to random usernames.  My
> >logs show (on a daily basis) about 25 emails to users that don't exist in
> >the abc domain.  How do I stop this.  I thought about placing them in the
> >access.db with a discard but the person is sending the email using
> >different relay servers everytime and his username domainname changes
> >everyday as well.  Any thoughts??
> You might not have any luck doing this with sendmail, but it's easy with 
> postfix to set the system up to bounce everything to unknown users. 
> Postfix is also a breeze to set up in comparison.

The default sendmail config will bounce everything sent to unknown users.


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