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Re: RHN-support for 7.3?

Mike Burger wrote:

Well, given that one can download RHL for free, there really isn't that much of a cost issue in upgrading at end-of-life.

It is NOT the cost of the software. It is the cost of the labor, training, and disruption it takes to upgrade. This is especially burdensome in small companies with 5, 10, 50 employees, 1 or 2 Red Hat servers and a bunch of Windows boxes.

I've been through this a LOT of times (not only with Red Hat / Linux) and every major upgrade (eg. 6.x/7.x to 8.x) sucks up an ungodly amount of time.

Please note I have found this especally true with the X.x to 8.0 upgrade because of the huge regression the users were forced to take in the desktop ease of use and features. People I upgradeed to 7.3 and left there are sailing along and quite happy. "Big improvement. To h*ll with Windows". Those I upgraded to 8.0 are stumbling and generally very upset. Some want there 6.x back! Some want to go back to Windows!

The underlying server / services part? Generally happy. Migrating and upgrading configurations take time but less of a problem and generally seen as worth it. But USERS (not developers and techies) who are actually trying to use the Red Hat desktop and Linux apps (OO, Gimp, CUPS, Mozilla, Xsane, ...) instead of those dependent on MS Windows; those people are very, very frustrated with the time and pain involved in getting everything working from the Red Hat desktop.

Also note that if these people could spend $60, $100, ? per year for something like RHN AND could safely and reliably upgrade from 8.0 to 8.1 to 8.x to 9.x this would not be as big a fear for them. As it is any upgrade, especially major ones, have had to be new installs after which there is a dull and painful job of migrating and translating their old configurations to the new version. THAT (and retraining) are what sucks up all the time.

Temporal Arts

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