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Re: Samba Help

On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Ian Weideman wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a SMB server for a very small LAN - 10 users (Win 98)
> The problem I have is as follows.
> I Have setup 3 users on the smb server namely: A, B ,C
> User A have access to all the folders of A,B & C
> B & C only have access to their folders - all of this is working fine
> The problem comes when user A opens a file that is stored in
> B or C's Folder and makes changes to it and saves it again-
> after this B & C can only open the file as a Read-Only file.
> If the users work in their folders al works fine but not when
> they work on each others folders as allowed.
> How can I stop this "Read only" access from happening?
> All help is appreciated
> thanks in advance.
> Ian
Probably the easyest way is to set the SUID and SGID bits on the
directories in question.  That way, and new files created will have the
same owner and group.  What is probably happening is that when A makes
changes to a file, a new file is being created with the changes
information, and then the old one is renamed as a backup, or deleted,
depending on the software being used to edit the file.  (The file being
updated this way, instead of rewriting the origional file is not
controled by Samba.)  The problem is that the new file is owned by user
A, instead of being owned by the person that owned the origional file.

If the folders are seperate shares, you can control who the files are 
owned by as part of the share definition.  Check out the "force user", 
"force group", and "create mode" options.


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