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Eternal spurious 8259 interrupt -- BAD problem

I've been having this problem since i installed RH 7.3

If I move the mouse, my keyboard and my mouse freezes instantly and i have
to reboot the pc to continue (since i cannot write even "shutdown -h now")
(Not even the led-indicators of num-lock, caps-lock, etc will change when I
press the respective keys)

Everything else goes on well, the PC doesnt hang up, but since I have no way
of input, it's pretty much like having nothing at all.

If I'm in a terminal, everything it prints is "Spurious 8259a interrupt IRQ:
7".  If I started X windows, I'm not able to see if it prints it or not in
the tty. But i get the same problem

I googled on the topic and all possible variations and regular expressions
about it, even mispelling it like "interrup". All the cases I've found take
it as a benign nuisance, which is not my case. The only way I can prevent
this from happening (at least in the shell) is doing "gpm -k", but then I
have no mouse. Anyway, doesn't matter if i do that or not, when I startx it
will hang up anyway, even if i don't move the mouse

so, although the err message is the same, I certainly believe this has
another cause and hopely a solution.
I've exhausted all the resources I had before this, so now I'm asking you
for help. I even waded through this list archive, but anywhere it mentions
the problem, it's never something to worry, just a noisy message. This is
definitely not my case.

The mouse is a 3 button PS/2 on a PII 333 mhz 226 RAM w/ RH 7.3

Please i need to get this through, so ANY help or pointer will be


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