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Re: file system dumps

On 19:02 30 Jan 2003, Michael Weiner <hunter userfriendly net> wrote:
| List readers - 
| i have an interesting question for this evening. I am trying to find a
| redhat linux equivalent to the allow me to do the following, which i can
| do on an sgi irix system, for a nightly clone or backup solution:
| xfsdump -l 0 / | xfsrestore - ./clone
| this simply does an xfsdump of the source and does an xfsrestore to the
| target. I am trying to find a cloning tool in redhat that does not do a
| block by block copy, as when the source gets corrupted, so does the
| target. I use xfsdump in the IRIX world and its a wonderful tool. 
| Is there a redhat linux equivalent (not rsync) that can do what xfsdump
| does?

Why not rsync? It's what I use for this kind of task.
It should be WAY faster than xfsdump, since it only copies changes.
It's also filesystem agnostic.

Anyway, you can fetch the xfsdump command and friends from here:


which is readily referenced from the XFS project page.
Did you even look?

Perhaps you should go here:


and subscribe to project update announcements.

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