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Re: security

> What does this message means *eth0 promiscuous mode enabled*?

Promiscuous mode is where the interface device reads all network traffic
that goes by it, not only the traffic destined for that interface. It's
used frequently to monitor network traffic or to run network sniffers like

> I received this message and I cannot log in to my machine. I am using
> RedHat 7.3.

Hmmm... this might or might not be a problem, so it's worth checking out.
You cannot log into your machine from the console or remotely? If
remotely, then set the card with promiscuous mode disabled with a proper
network address and see if you can log in then. If from the console, your
system may have been compromised.

> Any suggestions or ideas to fix this problem is highly appreciated.

Boot into single mode and run ifconfig -promisc to disable it. I would
strongly suggest that you follow this up with a full system audit. Your
card got put into promiscuous mode somehow, and if you didn't do it then
how and why did it happen?

Keith Mastin
BeechTree Information Technology Services Inc.
Toronto, Canada
(416)696 6070

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