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Re: question about setting backups via webmin or cron

On Mon, 14 Jul 2003, pheonix1t wrote:

> hello,
> I've got a quick question about setting backups to a scsi tape.
> I know the device is /dev/st0....but I'm pretty new at setting backups 

    /dev/st0 rewinds the tape after use.  That could be inconvenient if
you want to put the next backup on the next tape file.  /dev/nst0 doesn't

> on linux.
> I used webmin to set a cron job...I set the command to be run as "tar 
> cvbf 20 /dev/st0 /home /opt"  I'm aware of also doing it via cron...but 
> I can't seem to find a good example of how to do this...yes - this is 
> how new I'm at doing backups!  The backup device is a scsi DDS2 tape 
> drive (Sony 9000)
> What I was wondering was if this is correct?  I also want to confirm how 
> to set the machine to goto init 1 before the backups start...and to 
> return to init 3 after they're finished.  I also saw the "W" option for 
> tar which looked pretty cool to run...the backups aren't that big, they 
> fit on the tape uncompressed easily.

    Changing levels automatically seems kind of drastic, but going to init
1 could avoid problems dump may have with users actively modifying
filesystems.  If a cron job creates an empty file with, say, "touch
/etc/do_a_dump", then does "/sbin/init 1", this should switch to level 1.
In /etc/rc.d/rc1.d you could have an executable file, say, S20do_a_dump,
modelled after other startup scripts, which checks for existence of
/etc/do_a_dump.  If the file doesn't exist, you must have gone into level
1 without wanting to do a dump, and S20do_a_dump does nothing.  If the
file does exist, S20do_a_dump deletes the file and does a dump followed by
"/sbin/init 3".
    I've never done this; there may well be something that makes this
way of switching levels not work the way you want.

> on webmin, it also has the module for backups...but it seems like it 
> uses dump.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't dump made for ext2fs? 
> Does it work well on ext3fs?  I'm not sure about this so that is why I 
> did the cron using tar instead....I recall reading that dump works well 
> on ext2fs but not ext3fs.

> I also saw some parts of backup scripts that put a date stamp...this is 
> cool and I'd like to learn how to set that part up to incorporate that 
> into the backups.
> Thanks!
> Oskar
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Steven Yellin

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