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Re: Compatibility

Keith Mastin said:
>> Is there a compatibility list of RPM's between diferente Linux
>> distributions that use RPM like RedHat, Suse, Mandrake and others?
>> What I really want to know is: If I get am RPM from some distribution,
>> how can I know if it is compatible with RedHat or not? Is there any
>> check on RPM for that?
> If you get an rpm for another distro, chances are that it won't install on
> redhat.

Generally this is because of a difference in naming used for the depends. 
For example (it's been a while, so it might have changed) Mandrake used to
always put "-mdk" in their package names.

> Redhat uses a non-stantards filesystem hierarchy.

I beg to differ:

> best to learn to
> roll your own from either sources or rpm.src'es.

I generally try to rebuild the src.rpm first.  If that doesn't work, then
you have the option of tweaking the SPEC file (for example, fixing the
depends naming mentioned above).  Those two usually do the trick.

How to roll your own RPMs from source tarballs is also a good skill to learn.

William Hooper

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