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Re: Mozilla cannot be started as USER after upgrade (2nd posting)

Stephen Liu wrote:

Hi all folks,

I ran "apt-get install mozilla-mail" while leaving "mozilla mail"
running as "satimis" There are 2 users/profiles, "Default user" and
"satimis". After upgrade I could not start "mozilla mail" as
"satimis". On starting it as "satimis" following warning popup

Alert Mozilla cannot use the profile "satimis" because it is in use Please chose another profile or create a new one

If I run it as "Default user" I could not read all old mail boxes. Maybe they are still under


I tried many times including REBOOT and SHUTDOWN without a solution

Kindly advise how to fix this problem. Thanks in advance.

B.Regards Stephen Liu

You might close Mozilla and look under the

/home/satimis/.mozilla/default/whatever_the sub_folder_is_on_your_machine/ directory and see if there is a lock file. If there is, try to rm it and restart mozilla.

On my machine, the mail folder for mozilla is:


The directory name before the /Mail dir will be different for your machine.

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