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Re: What's better?

> Here's a link to a whitepaper that might help you out a bit:
> http://ssic-linux.sourceforge.net/ssi-intro.pdf
> This is a little more to the point;
> As for the file server part, what are the clients you're looking to serve
> to? If they're just windoh$ boxen, then samba is about as good as it gets.
Clients are win$$$ and dos boxes (yes DOS!)  hehehe.  That's why netware was
a necessity.  Take note this was an old network working for about almost 10+
years.  That's why some clients were still dos clients.

> This I don't think so. IIRC someone out there in the real world did a
> performance cluster with some alpha and linux boxen, but I don't see how
> it can be done for redundancy and failover, which is what I think you are
> looking for, unless you're just looking for simple storage capacity.

Yup for redundancy and failover is what I need clustering for.  Or maybe I
termed it wrong, maybe its supposed to be called Software Fault Tolerance?
But I've read papers that has named them using both terms... so I'm not
really sure what the specific term should be.

Thanks Keith.... You've been a big help.. :)

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