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Re: Memory leak problem

Using memory during program execution is fine. But after I stoppped all the
programs, the free memory only increases a little... about only 5 MB. So now
even though my server is not doing anything.... the free memory is only 15MB.
And this has been so even though nothing has been running on it now.
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Subject: RE: Memory leak problem

I believe this is normal behavior.  Linux will use and free memory as


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Subject: Memory leak problem

Hi all,

A question. I have just installed an IBM xSeries server (with 2 GB or RAM)
and 4 processor with the Red Hat Linux 7.3. The problem is after using it
for about a day (running c programs) the free memory goes down to about
10 MB!! I am running c program using IBM DB2 7.1 with fixpack 9. Any
ideas on why this is happening and do I need to install the bigmem
package? Thanks.


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