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Re: Memory leak problem

Hm... if this is the case then if I run another program, it should be fine. But the
next program I execute will take an unusually long time to execute..
eg. my program usually runs for 10 minutes but now takes half a day, sometimes more!
I think that it has problems accessing the memory as the swap will then start to be
in use. I don't think that 2 GB of memory if it is accessible would be like that.
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Sent: Monday, July 28, 2003 9:25 PM
Subject: Re: Memory leak problem

> Hi all,
> A question. I have just installed an IBM xSeries server (with 2 GB or
> RAM)  and 4 processor with the Red Hat Linux 7.3. The problem is after
> using it for about a day (running c programs) the free memory goes down
> to about 10 MB!! I am running c program using IBM DB2 7.1 with fixpack
> 9. Any ideas on why this is happening and do I need to install the
> bigmem package? Thanks.
> Regards

Nothing is wrong, you don't seems to have a leak.

At some point, your system was using all but 10MB of available physical
memory. The kernel doesn't release this used memory until it's needed by
another program just in case you want to use the same memory allocation
again to run the same program. This keeps the memory you most recently
used ready to run your program again. You won't run out of memory running
a program that requires more memory than what appears to be available.

This makes keeping track of how much memory is actualy free (available)
difficult, but it is efficient.

Keith Mastin
BeechTree Information Technology Services Inc.
Toronto, Canada
(416)696 6070

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