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Re: RedHat Authentication and LDAP

Mark Hoover wrote:

Login seems to work fine. However, I found that I can't change a user's password. When I try, I get the following:

[root rh73-test root]# passwd isotest
Changing password for user isotest.
Enter login(LDAP) password:
Password change aborted
passwd: Authentication token manipulation error

Why is passwd asking for the user's old password?  Most times root is
changing the password because the user forgot it in the first place.

Because with LDAP, there's no "magic" that gives the root user write access to the information. Passwords get changed over LDAP, so you have to provide credentials no matter who you are.

Also, I've noticed that /usr/sbin/useradd and /usr/sbin/userdel don't
operate on the LDAP directory, but on the /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow.
Is this a misconfiguration on my part?

I don't believe so. I understand that you'll have to use LDAP specific tools.

Try Directory Administrator:

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