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RE: New user, some questions!

Hi Lambros

I'm going to check out that, thank you.


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You are in a very good starting way, away from diseminating
difficulties. The installation won't bother you at all! I believe your
Sound Çard and your 
modem is also very popular and similar that won't bother you too. Try to

download an Beggining guide to Unix/Linux systems. If you have the Full 
Packet and you didn't downloaded the iso's you have already the
throttle of Redhat.Read it carefully! Firstly if never in Unix before it

seems weird to understand but hopefully after the first steps the
are very precise and clear!
Welcome to Linux Community!

Lambros , IT Engineer , GREECE

>Hi All,
>I am a new user to the list and also I am blind. I am just getting into

>linux and have Redhat, the latest I think. I for the moment am going to

>put it onto an IBM Aptiva computer which has win xp pro already on it 
>but Ihave a 30 gb hard drive partitioned and will use the second 15 gb 
>partition for linux. I have just downloaded the install guide for 
>redhat 8 and hpe I have this right. I have 256 memory and a 500 mhz 
>processor. Have I a potential linux box here if I go ahead. Oh also it 
>has a soundblaster card and Conexant modem.
>These are just random questions for now as I am totally new to this. I 
>have created a boot floppy to get me started but if I don't have the 
>correct boot floppy, can I download  bootable files and place them onto

>a floppy then go ahead and get  started?.
>Thank you for any advice you all can give me.
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