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Re: XDM problems

    One approach to diagnosing the problem is to look in 
    One thing that used to happen, and may still happen, is the user's
.Xauthority gets too big or is otherwise wrong.  You can try deleting it
for one of the users with problems logging in.
    Since they can remotely log in, it's unlikely that the problem is
quotas or lack of disk space, but since that's so easy to check, you might 
as well do so.

On Wed, 4 Jun 2003, Chas Simpson wrote:

> Hi All,
> Clueless here again :-S This might be off the mailing list topics but not
> sure what's the cause of the error. From XDM, some users can't login.  It
> accepts their user name and passwords, the screen goes blank and then XDM
> reappears as if nothing had happened. There's no error message in the
> user's .xsession-errors. Its seems likely to be connected to KDE as the
> kde users are those that have the problems. However we have tried
> selecting gnome as their default login and the same thing happens.
> Everyone can rlogin from other clients.
> Any suggestions? I've followed the XDMCP HowTo (selecting KDM as the
> default manager) but that had no effect.
> Thanks for the help.
> Chas
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Steven Yellin

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