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Re: kscand and recent kernel upgrade

Thanks for the super quick reply.

No, I don't think 1.1% is too much, but was just wondering if there was 
something wrong, or if it was an addition with the new kernel.

Thanks for the help,


Quoting Gordon Messmer <yinyang eburg com>:

> Peter Maag wrote:
> > Not too sure if anyone else has noticed this, but after a recent kernel
> upgrade
> > (2.4.20-18.7) and while running top I have an application called: kscand  
> > always using up around 1.1% CPU and having a long CPU time).  This just
> popped 
> > up right after upgrading to the newest kernel via up2date.
> > 
> > Any one else having similar problems.
> Don't know if it's a problem...  kscand appears to be a cooperative part 
> of the swapper.  It's a kernel thread.  If you think 1.1% of CPU is too 
> much, perhaps the kernel-devel list would be a good place to learn more.
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