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Re: What to do when support runs out

Following this thread, I've seen several pieces of valuable
information. Before I act on them, I'd like to be able to
verify the facts and learn more. So where do you guys come
across this stuff? Any refs to cite?

A couple more questions below...thanks

 - gary

Michael Young said:
> If upgrading often is a problem, you might be better to wait until
> October, when RedHat 10 (if that is what they call it) and the RHEL 3.0
> releases should be available.
> If you choose to upgrade to RedHat 9, or its successors, you will probably
> have to upgrade each machine once a year, whereas if you choose an RHEL
> release, you may be able to leave it as long as 5 years between upgrades.

Can you elaborate on the one year vs five year comparison?
Does RHEL imply an extended period of support? And what might
that support actually include? Bug fixes and security updates?
Five years is a long time to expect the open source community
to continue updating older versions. Or am I missing something here?

Lucas Albers said:
> That is exactly the reason why I have to upgrade to something else.
> On December 31, 2003 I won't get any more security updates for 7.3.
> So I have to switch to something that will provide security updates.

Has RH announced end-of-support for 7.3? Or is this just assumed in
some sort of n-3 versions policy?

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