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Re: What to do when support runs out

Lucas Albers said:
> I'm pretty sure I understand EOL, but just to make sure.
> Does this mean by EOL, that their will be no more security updates?
> I had a 6.2 box and when EOL hit, we did not get software updates anymore.
> So even if you are a valid paying up2date customer, you still cannot get
> security updates?
> I want to be crystal clear about understanding this.

I have seen no reason to assume EOL means anything other than no updates,
no support, no enhancements, no bugfixes, no errata, just like the 6.2

That said, the errata page does say "...Red Hat may extend errata
maintenance for certain popular releases of the operating system."  That
indicates that there is a support price point that could pay for
continuing support, but I have no idea what that price point would be.  I
would have to assume that it is close to what it would cost to migrate to
the new "Enterprise" products that come with longer support.

William Hooper

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