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Re: Server Halting At HTTP On Boot

On Sat, 1 Mar 2003, Peter Maag wrote:

>    Hey All,
> Rebooted a server today that had an uptime of over 90 days.  Wanted to
> make sure everything was working correctly, and was sorta surprised when
> the machine didn't boot all the way back up.  Everything boots fine until
> the machine gets to starting httpd.  When it gets there it appears to
> pause: "Starting httpd: " and sits there for an indefinite period of time.
>  It's connection to the net is just fine as ntpdate syncs with a server
> just before it starts apache.
> So, right now the machine will not boot.  My first priority is getting the
> machine back up, so atleast it can direct some mail(it's primary
> function).  What is the best way of getting httpd off of the system init
> scripts?  Boot the machine with a boot disk?

Boot into linux single. In grub, select e, then e again, then edit the 
kernel line by adding the word "single" at the end of the line. Once in 
single, run setup and select services. Unmark httpd and reboot, again 
editing grub to take the single line out.

Once the server is up, manually start httpd while watching both the 
messages and httpd/error_log files.


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