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RE: XFree86-4.3

> On Sat, 1 Mar 2003, Brandon Davis wrote:
> > Does anyone know where I could obtain a spec file or src.rpm for
> > XFree86-4.3 that would work with valhalla? My laptop (HP N5495) has an
> > Intel i830M chipset for graphics and support is not very good in
> > XFree86-4.2. I originally had RH7.2 installed with X built from source
> > just to get it to work. When RH7.3 was released with a version of X that
> > supported the card I upgraded, but it is still not very good. I can't run
> > my screen at the highest resolution or there is about a 1/2inch border all
> > the way around the display that is unused. For the last year and half I
> > have been running at a lower resolution just so the entire display would
> > be used.  XFree86-4.3 claims to have better support for this card and I
> > would like to try it, but I DON'T want to go through the hassle of
> > installing from source again (don't want to upgrade to 8.0 either). Anyone
> > have some ideas?
> >From what I've seen on the Red Hat XFree86 list, the answer is no.  Mike
> Harris has some RPMs at people.redhat.com, but they are only for psyche,
> not even for 8.0.  It may be possible to get these working with 8.0, but I
> doubt very much that they can be made to work with 7.3, considering how
> much other stuff needs to be upgraded.
> If you don't want 8.0, I think you are stuck waiting for 8.1 or installing
> from source (or you can try psyche...)
> As for the 1/2" border, were you not able to adjust that with your monitor
> controls?  The size of the screen image is resolution-dependent and needs
> to be adjusted in each resolution you use.

Hmmm... I'll probably wait for 8.1. Oh well. As for monitor adjustments, 
it's a laptop so there are no adjustments. I fixed it by getting the files 
for the driver from the XFree86 cvs and replacing the ones in the .src.rpm 
with them. It then worked (at the lower resolution) when I pass the kernel 
the option 'vga=791'. The video card shares system memory which I believe 
is the root of the cause - this isn't supported (AFAIK) in Linux. It was 
really unstable even in WindowsXP until an updated driver was released a 
couple months after I got it.


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