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(Deja-vu): PHP and File-Write Permission?

Hello there all again:

When I was programming CGI in Perl, I had this problem: I could not create or 
write to any files on the server. And one of the solutions was to set SUID to 
the Perl script and disable SuEXEC. Now, I'm having the same problem with PHP 
script, for which I do not have a solution yet. I've browsed through 
the /etc/php.ini file see if there are any options to be switched on to allow 
this but could not find any. My Begginning PHP4 Professional Book did not give 
me much help either, regarding this problem.

Please, could someone give me some hints on what to read or to do to solve 
above problem? In case I did not make myself clear, I'd like to state the 
problem again: My PHP script could write to any file on the server when opening 
from the browser though it could from the command line ($ php -f myphp.php).

Thanks a great deal

You are always ahead! 

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