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RE: (Deja-vu): PHP and File-Write Permission?

Yes, thanks a lot. That's what I understood too. And my next question would be 
that: is there a way to set SUID to a PHP script as there was in Perl so when 
the script gets interpreted, it will assume the permission of the file owner? 
Or must I set the group ownsership to group Apache and set permission to 664 
for every file I'd like to write to?


Quoting wild98 <linux wild98 com>:

> > Please, could someone give me some hints on what to read or to do
> > to solve above problem?
> When the script runs via Apache, it takes on the user permissions of
> whatever user account is running Apache, which is generally a user called
> 'apache', so if a file is not readable/writable by the 'apache' user ot
> 'apache' group, then you won't be able to access the file via a browser.
> When you run it via cmd-line, you're effectively running the script as
> whatever username/group you're logged in as.
> -id
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