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Swap Usage


I have some Linux servers. Most of them has 2 GB of RAM and 2 GB of Swap
Space. One of them is running Lotus Domino and it uses most of the memory.

The problem is, sometime in a work day, when I look at the output from
swapon -s of "top", I see the following output from "top":

Mem:  2049964K av, 1159860K used,  890104K free,       0K shrd,   36452K
Swap: 2096252K av,       0K used, 2096252K free                 1013932K

The memory usage increases sometimes near to 2 GB but swap space usage is
always 0K.

AS far as I know, preparing partition with "mkswap" and making it available
with "swapon -a" is enough. I can see swap space is known by system from
the output of "swapon -s" command:

Filename                        Type            Size    Used    Priority
/dev/sda2                       partition       2096252 0       -2

How can I make the system use the swap partition ? On all the servers, swap
space usage is 0K. But this server's memory is very low during bussiness
day, and sometimes, we need to restart server inorder to make Domino to
work!!! (It hangs and we could not stop it normally, only a reboot)..

Best regards / Saygilar

* Suleyman Nazif Kutlu
* IBM Integrated Technology Services
* Networking Software Services Specialist
* mailto:Suleyman Kutlu tr ibm com
* IBM Turkey

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