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Re: NIS default domain name. HELP!

On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 12:41:07PM -0800, Mon-Sen Yang wrote:
> I am using Redhat 8.0 with all those latest patches installed.  I try to
> make this Redhat box to connect to our SUN Solaris NIS Server.  The
> problem is Redhat 8.0's domain name won't stay every time I reboot the
> machine.  I want the NIS client running so I can login with the NIS
> account.
> I have the following lines in my /etc/sysconfig/network file:
> HOSTNAME=test1
> NISDOMAIN=mydomain.com
> DOMAIN=mydomain.com
> I also have NIS server's info in my /etc/hosts file.  Stiil, every time
> I restart the machine, the "domainname" commend always gives me (none)
> and NIS client is not started.  Any ideas?  Thanks

Make sure that ypbind is enabled on the client system:
    /sbin/chkconfig ypbind on
and also check that a line like this is in /etc/yp.conf:
    domain mydomain.com broadcast
or even better, if you know the server:
    domain mydomain.com server nisserver.mydomain.com

Then you should be able to start ypbind by running:
    /sbin/service ypbind start

This is pretty much what authconfig does if you use it to set up the NIS
client, so you may just want to run authconfig to do it.



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