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Re: not append for txt, ebl type of files -------- mimedefang

On Thu Mar 06 2003 at 16:50, "Burak Sahin" wrote:

> I am using mimedefang with sendmail, only for appending message to the
> mails. It works almost good. However, it does not only append the message to
> the mail message body, it also appends the messages to the attachments, if
> attachment is in txt or html format.
> How can I prevent this?

This is definitely the wrong place to ask questions about
mimedefang.  It has it's own mailing list, you'll get a much more
receptive audience there... to subscribe, follow the lead from here:


BTW (for a wider audience)... mimedefang is a brilliant perl-based
and highly scalable email filtering (milter) plug-in for sendmail...
you can filter for viruses, spam, and do all sorts of highly
customised things with it (whatever perl can do, mimedefang can do
too).  It's not really for the home user (overkill, although it can
do that too), but for the corporate/enterprise environment and MX
hosts, it is just fantastic.

> Please help
>  Thanks


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