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Re: Another logging question

On Tuesday 04 March 2003 09:20 pm, Tony Nugent wrote:
> >
> > It won't work, there is no syslog facility called "named".
> >
> I should mention that named has extensive and highly configurable
> built-in logging facilities which can be configured within
> /etc/named.conf.  See the documentation for bind for all the scoop
> on this.
> What you could do to get what you want, is to make named log
> everything to a specific facility.level and have syslogd put these
> particular messages into different log file.  But you'll need to be
> careful with what you choose.  (And you might to do things like add
> a logrotate entry for it so that the file doesn't grow too big).
> Cheers
> Tony

Thank you for the advise.  I did configure Bind's built-in logging facilities 
and created a named.log in /var/log.  I then added an entry in logrotate.conf 
to rotate those logs along with my other logs.

Thanks everyone for the help.


Michael Cortes
Fort LeBoeuf School District
34 East Ninth Street
PO Box 810
Waterford PA 16441-0810

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