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Re: telnet... again!

There are a few things to check.

1) Make sure the network cables are the right type and
they are plugged in.
2) Try pinging to see if the interface
with that IP address is responding
3) Make sure is the actual system you
want to connect to, because the DNS may be setup
incorrectly and/or you have the wrong IP address.  I
just tried pinging that address and looking up its
name and got no response.  Did you mean to use a
private IP address from the network and
inadvertantly used an address from the
4) Make sure xinetd knows that telnetd is available by
typing /etc/init.d/xinetd {reload|restart}.
5) If you are using a firewall, like iptables, make
sure it is not blocking that port.
6) Make sure you actually have the telnet server
installed:  rpm -qa|grep telnet

There may be a few more things to check, but try these


--- Gary Skowronek <garskoci worldnet att net> wrote:
> Hello Everyone!
> I really hate to ask this question..... Why? 'cuz I
> just asked the same
> dang question for a different box! But, I have the
> same problem and
> can't find what I am missing.
> Here goes...
> I have a laptop running RH 7.3 and a server running
> RH 8.0. I can not
> telnet to the RH 8.0 box.
> Here's the output from trying to telnet:
> [root localhost root]# telnet linux_svr
> Trying
> telnet: connect to address Connection
> refused
> Connection refused..... I tried this as root and as
> a standard user,
> same results.
> I have both sets of files set up the same way on
> both machines. 
> /etc/hosts	has the hostnames & IP addresses.
> /etc/hosts.allow has entries for their respective
> machines.  "ALL:
> and /etc/xinetd.d has the telnet disable flag set to
> no.
> Are there any places that I missed???
> Thanks for your help.
> Gary
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