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linksys routers and redhat identd -- can't get the two to work

I have a linksys BEFSX41 router and I have always run into the same
problem when using this router and Valhalla.  For some reason with port
113 open i cannot get IDENTD service running even though it is enabled
and started in the system devices.  If anyone could please provide me
with a way to get it to work i'd really appreciate it.  

i'm also noticing that when i log into IRC that my ip address is not
*houston.rr.com but rather a numerical ip.  I've never had to do
anything other than default network configuration on install though this
is a minor issue.  

If you live in Houston and could use a cable/dsl router i have one that
you can have (email me).  it's a Barricade 7004VBR.  I was having
connectivity problems and couldn't get connected once again i dont know
what may have caused it to stop working but it did prompt me to buy the
Linksys router which seems to be much better, with the exception of no

thank you !

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