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On Sun, 9 Mar 2003, Keith Mastin wrote:

> The price is not $60/yr, it's $5/month. There is a difference. You pay
Allowing for (volatile) currency fluctuations, that's about $10/month

My ISP offers a dialup account for $11.00/month, though perhaps no good
for much more than checking email.

At $30 you get unlimited hours but only 500 Mbytes. Data downloaded off
WAIX, which includes at least one RH mirror is free, but up2date doesn't
allow the use of that.

If you want unlimited downloads, unlimited hours, you pay $44, and if
keeping current with up2date is the only reason to prefer the $44 plan
over $30 (and that seems likely to me), then you can properly apportion
the extra $14 to the cost of RHN.

I'm on a broadband plan, but I do need to watch for overrun as I would
be hit for $60/gigabyte, so I will not use RHN.



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