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I just fubar'ed my web server but good, and need help or a fresh outlook on
things... please?

I changed homedirs for the admin user to the /web dir where I house all my
domains. I was getting the bash shell prompt when I ssh into the server
using this account, so I decided (dumb move- remind me to never decide
*anything* ever again....) to copy all the dot files from my old $HOME to
the /web dir.

cp -rp /home/admin/.* /web/
cp started overwriting files like crazy.

I was on my squirrelmail webmail client served from the
/web/html/squirrelmail directory, and after I disposed of a message
everything went wrong... no permission to access this page. Uh-oh...
Refreshed, and same error. Went to my home page.. same error.

On a whim I checked some of my client websites... same thing. Big uh-oh...

Apache is run as user apache, group shadow-readers. The permissions on the
files in all the html sub directories for all the sites is either
$USER:apache or $USER:$USER. This should work, no?

Overview of the directory layout for the webdocs dirs is like so:
/                                                                    root :
/web/                                                            root : root
       /$domain/                                               $user : $user
                     /html/                                        $user :
                            index.htm, etc.                   $user : $user
                             /images/                            $user :
                                         img.jpg, etc.          $user :
                     /data/                                        apache :
                     /cgi-bin/                                    apache :

Lucky I didn't copy over all the stuff in etc., or I couldn't get my mail.
I'm now sending this from lookout expre$$... *shamed*

Could someone please compare your permissions and let me know where I'm
going off base here? This is gonna be sooo simple, but I have an inkling I'm
just too close to the problem...


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