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Re: !doh!

> Oh my where to start?  I'd start by setting everything I could back to
> /home/admin.  Do you have a backup of /web? If so, why not blow away
> what you can and simply push it back. If you don't have a backup....oh
> my. You have work to do. I'd set everything 755 on /web and see if I
> could get things cranked up then slowly piece it back. You can adjust
> perms and ownership once you get the pages working from that point.
> <<JAV>>

I knew it was going to be simple... things should start coming back into
order soon. May mailman directory suffered pretty bad, I had to comment
all the references out of the postfix/main.cf and temporarily move the
mailman dir to ~/ root just to get the mail moving again so I could see
your response.

I'm gonna now go and give myself a long hard talking to, but good. I hope
I listen. :|

Thanks again Joe.

BeechTree Information Technology Services Inc.
Toronto, Canada
(416)696 6070

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