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Re: (I can now!) Can't access my laptop......

Thanks for everyone's advise.  I am now able to connect to my laptop for
testing purposes.  I got a lot of great advise, as is usually the case.
Below I quote some advise that is worth commenting on.

I checked my iptables and ipchains.  When I got the listing for ipchains,
there were quite a few rules.  They must have been default from my
installation because I did not purposely install them and up to now have
known nothing about using them.  Although I am now curious and feeling a
little more informed.  I will surely be experimenting with them now.  I fixed
my problem just by flushing the tables.

However, I did have to flush them again this morning.  Apparently, they must
have a default setting which I will have to figure out how to change.

Thanks also for the tcpdump advise.  I sometimes read emails on these list
that say this should be your last resort for answers.  I will tell you this
though.  I have never used tcpdump before.  And that little bit of advise on
using tcpdump, got me useful information and peaked my interest in learning
it.  I was reading man pages and experimenting with it all day yesterday.

On Thursday 06 March 2003 08:01 pm, you wrote:
> Perhaps you turned on iptables firewall, or set lokkit to high security.
> root# iptables -L      # -F option will flush tables
> root# ipchains -L
> root# netstat -a | grep -i listen
> root# nmap -sT -sU localhost
> root# tcpdump host localhost
> -HTH Art JAX


Michael Cortes
Fort LeBoeuf School District
34 East Ninth Street
PO Box 810
Waterford PA 16441-0810

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