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Re: Linux Noob Help

On Sun, 16 Mar 2003, Michael Smitheres wrote:

> I just converted one of my computers to red hat 7.3, and I can't even get 
> past the login to start using linux?... I know the password it made me 
> create during installation and I even created another user/pass just incase, 
> but neither work.  How am I supposed to login to the "Welcome to 
> localhost.localdomain" screen?

With the proper username and passwd!! :-)

If you do not have that then reboot the machine and at the grub prompt
hit "e". Then add the word "single" to the line that has the boot options
on it (usually the 2nd line). Then hit the b key to boot into single user mode.
Once the machine is up change the passwd to whatever you wish it to be and 


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