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Re: Cable ISP

I have had AT&T broadband(now Comcast) for around 6 months now at my current
residence in Oregon.  Hasn't gone down once, and have had around 1.5Mbs
downstream quite consistently.  For the price, and the download you get it is

About the DHCP, my IP has not changed in about 4 months.  It seems if you use
the same NIC(in this case router) to connect to the actual modem your IP remains
pretty constant.  Now, if this will change since AT&T just aquired Comcast.

The upload stinks though, so this rules out anything mssion critical.  However,
I use it as a test connection for a bunch of stuff, it works well.

The tech who installed it told me that he is supposed to charge for each
additional computer you want hooked up to the service.  He was a cool guy, and
saw that I was installing a Netgear router and was cool with that.  The best
method is to just have a windoze box laying around for them to install
everything on, and the second they leave just hook up the router.  Their support
is not very Linux friendly, but my tech was an ex Dot Com'er and knew a fair amount.

  Well thats my .02, sorry for the long reply.


Quoting Gary Skowronek <garskoci worldnet att net>:

> Does anyone use Comcast for an ISP???
> Good? Bad? Ugly???
> The questions will be coming this weekend.
> I never thought that I'd finally see the day when I could use my modem
> as a door stop!
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