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Re: How to control colors under xterm

On 16:16 18 Mar 2003, Brian T. Brunner <brian t brunner gai-tronics com> wrote:
| RH7.3, RH7.2
| vim
| xterm
| color selection
| When editing text files (mumble.cpp), vim opens the file in the same window as the xterm window.  
| For some reason, the color set used is unreadable.
| Also, the colors used in 
| ls -l --color=tty
| are murkey.
| I cannot suppose that the color set is pleasing to the sharpest eyes (and my eyes are NOWHERE NEAR 'sharp').
| The white is a dull grey/gray, red tones a murkey brick red.
| Lastly, /etc/DIR_COLORS uses a set of numbers to denote color and attributes, those are not RGB values.  I'd like to know where those DIR_COLORS numbers match up to their rgb values so I could define white as *white* not faded gray/grey.

I know this doesn't quite answer your question, but consider switching
terminal emulators. I use aterm, and it seems to do a real white just fine.

Cameron Simpson, DoD#743        cs zip com au    http://www.zip.com.au/~cs/

Another person who will NEVER buy anything inappropriately advertised on the
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