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Re: broadband

I just figured out that this problem started after we received a lot of rain here in Phoenix - unusual event. I didn't think about it then but there has been noise on the line when I talk to meople. I found that I'm beginning to be able to get updates again. The line must be drying out.

Thanks for everybodys help on this. I'll plod along with what I have as long as it works.

redhat_valhalla yahoo com au wrote:

On Fri, 21 Mar 2003, rogerwphx wrote:

DSL is available from Qwest, but requires windows. (IE browser) and it is at least 40/mo.

Earthlink has it, but its website is borked. It seemed to have a cheaper plan. Check around: here, there are various plans ranging from cheap to inordinately expensive, some have unlimited downloads and throttle you back to 'modem-like speeds" when you overrun, others hit you for heaps/gigabyte for overruns.

I'm on a 14 Gbyte plan, 6 peak & 8 off-peak, 512/128. Downloads off local sites (IPSs have peering) is free. Cost is $AU79/month, but there are several cheaper plans.

I don't believe "requires windows."

A d-link DSL300, PPPoe from Roaring Penguin (I think the one from RH is broken) and you're away.
The latest even has a GUI configuration tool, but the script I used was fairly simple.

A mate has a Billion router (cheaper) which he says is fine. It has USB and Ethernet connections.

redhat_valhalla yahoo com au wrote:

On Thu, 20 Mar 2003, rogerwphx wrote:

I'm unable to update my system at all because of low connect speed. I am on disability and can't afford 40 - 50 / mo for a fast connect. A company, www.skyvision.com, has a dedicated satelite internet access that uses a pci card interface. It only costs 29.95/mo once you buy the equipment. They say it doesn't run on linux. Any ideas on how to make it work? They also have a usb model, but from what I can see usb isn't a good choice either.

They also have an associated site at www.cband.net for more info. I'm right at the edge of a boundry for the phone company office which translates in about a 31.6k speed with a 56k modem. This is the cheapest way.

Is DSL possible in your area? In _my_ area it's far cheaper than Sat, and you
don't need a separate phone line.

DSL is always on, you share the phone line, and you don't make phone calls to connect.

I'd be especially reluctant to buy from a vendor whose site does not even mention Linux.

-- Roger + -------

The product said it was designed for windows 95, 98, NT or better so I installed Linux.

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