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Re: What now?

On Tue, 25 Mar 2003, Craig Toenes wrote:

> becomes obsolete. So I guess my question is: Is it
> better to keep valhalla and learn it or should I
> surrender to the inevitable and replace it with 9?
> I ask this from a technicle aspect as well. I would
> hate to see it go. What do you guys think?

If its mission critical stick with 7.3 for time being, following the
phoebe list about 9 indicates a lot of possible conflicts with binaries
that work fine on 6/7/8.
I have web, ftp, dns, news and mail servers all running 7.3 and have no
intention in the for-seeable future of changeing them, they are rock
solid stable.

However, if you have nothing on there (IOW you can format any time u want
without careing about what data loss) then I'd be waiting for a few days
and getting / installing RH 9

I'll prolly do this asnyway within the next few weeks on a spare desktop
to play around with it.

As for your RHCE aspirations, definately go with the above second option,
and get certified on 9.


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