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Re: Red Hat Linux 9 -- Get it Early - ???

>>>> All I want is RedHat Network ease of updates, and not to have to
>>>> change the OS every year.
>>> Then pay the $.  Support is not cheap.  It's your choice as to
>>> whether or not it's cheaper/easier/better for you to upgrade
>>> annually, or to buy an Enterprise Linux support contract.
>> FreeBSD has the ease of updates of RedHat Network, and is free.
> A problem with FreeBSD is it's not Linux. Files tend to pop up in
> strange places (different directories), the configuration tools are
> different (and I'm not talking about Red Hat-s tools, but think on
> firewalls).
> OTOH Debian _is_ linux, and Debian _is_ free. And, there's even a
> recognised logo for derivitave products and those who provide related
> services.

Debian is making more sense every day. While the low TCO is nice, it's
more important to have a longer release cycle and extensively tested
programs and apps before dropping them into a production machine.

>> I know support is not free, but did Redhat JUST realize that $60/year
>> per supported user wasn't enough, and have suddenly more than tripled
>> it?
>> I do not have a problem paying Redhat to provide updates.  I will not
>> accept an increase from $60/year to $799/year, just because they want
>> to make more money.

Well, they need to make more $$ to survive, but I think they may be
risking shooting themselves in the foot here. I saw on CNN that sun just
jumped into the sack with them, so there may be some relief coming yet,
but I don't think the user base will get much of it.

What gets me is that redhat has depended on the opensource community for
so much of it's testing cycle and now they're putting these subtle little
pressures on that same community. I can almost see them doing what M$ does
for it's beta testing soon: making testers sign NDA's and giving them one
copy of the softwre to put on one machine. Let's just hope that their
software doesn't get as lousy as M$'es as a result, or if it does that
they take the linux name off it.

>> I am using my server to make about $32/month.  My expenses are
>> $60/year plus $40/month for a total cost per year of $540/yr of
>> expenses and $384/yr of income.  I am trying to get the income up.
>> With the new method, my yearly expenses will be $1279, and the income
>> will not change.  If the Enterprise solution got me $67 more per month
>> in income, it would be worth it, be it gains me nothing.  If I switch
>> to FreeBSD, my yearly expenses will be $480.  If I stay with 7.3 and
>> download source packages and maintain the system myself, the cost is
>> $480/yr also, plus whatever time I spend on it.

Hmmm... unless you're really familiar with running a FreeBSD box, add in a
bunch of costs for the learning curve. It's steep at first and pretty much
drops off after a month or 2, but it's there to be contended with.

> It's also possible to use Valhalla, and not pay for any support. If
> you're content to subscripe to -announce and download updates as they
> reach your local mirror, it's completely satisfactory for many. The
> problem I see is that the stream of update's about to become too short.

Given the recent little touches that redhat has put on their marketing
plan, do you trust them to continue to suply updates to their mirrors? I

>> Anyone running 7.3 want to share time maintaining 7.3 past RedHat
>> dropping support?  If there are enough people interested in support
>> for 7.3, we may be able to cover our costs.
>> Another option is to package our own Linux.

That's a big project, and good luck getting people to agree on how to go
about it. We did it on our lug a few years back, and it lived a hot 2
months. IMHO it's much better to simply switch over to a more stable
distro and support them.

Another option, of course, is for people to send a message to redhat and
let them know what you think of their mew policies.

Keith Mastin
BeechTree Information Technology Services Inc.
Toronto, Canada
(416)696 6070

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