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Re: Red Hat Linux 9 -- Get it Early - ???

On Sat, Mar 29, 2003 at 01:35:03PM -0600, ewilts ewilts org wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 29, 2003 at 11:12:09AM -0600, Michael Brininstool wrote:
> > Here is what I sent them:
> > 
> > 	I wanted to let you know, that the RHL 9 way of
> > 	doing things will be of no use to me, and I cannot
> > 	afford the Enterprise solution (need the $799 one).
> Hmmm.  They'got a $349 download option and a $799 option.  The only
> difference between the two is a service level agreement and telephone
> and web support (and a fancy box with a couple of manuals).  By saying
> you need the $799 option, you're saying that you *need* that level of
> support.

I want Redhat Network without having to reinstall every year.  I do not
see the $349 option when I look on the site.  I noticed three levels:
the workstations level at $179 which does not appear to include the
daemons I need, the $799 version which is way more than I need, and
the $2000+ version.  So $349 instead of $60, if that option exists.

> Which distributions give you free telephone support?  Does FreeBSD give
> you free support?

I don't need telephone support at all.  I purchased it in the past and
the two times I tried to use it, could not get through, so I will not
pay for that again.

> Your letter, as written, won't even be given serious consideration.
> Statements like "the RHL 9 way of doing things will be of no use to me"
> are just fluff.  You need to be specific about what "way of doing
> things" is causing a problem, and what you expect to get.  Be clear as
> to what price you're willing to pay for the service level you need.
> >From reading your note, I get the feeling you need multi-year support
> with telephone support and you want it for free.  If that's what you
> meant, then goodbye.  If not, clarify what you need.

I need to be able to run a production shell server, mail server,
webserver with ssl, dns server, and firewall.  I want up2date to
work for at least 2 years and am not willing to pay more than
$100/year.  I do not want to have to build all my own updates
from source.  FreeBSD, SuSe, Debian, and even Windoze 2000 are
looking more appealing.

How is Debian able to do this?
How is SuSe able to do it?
How is Slaskware able to do it?
How is FreeBSD able to do it?
Even Microsoft does not charge that much for an OS with free updates.

Do you have a financial stake in RedHat or something?

I have purchased the CDs several times, and since it got me nothing
(that I needed) over downloading the ISOs, I quit purchasing the CDs.

Michael P. Brininstool                  mikepb hoplite org

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