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Re: Red Hat Linux 9 -- Get it Early - ???

On Sat, 29 Mar 2003, Michael Brininstool wrote:

> > Hmmm.  They'got a $349 download option and a $799 option.  The only
> > difference between the two is a service level agreement and telephone
> > and web support (and a fancy box with a couple of manuals).  By saying
> > you need the $799 option, you're saying that you *need* that level of
> > support.
> I want Redhat Network without having to reinstall every year.  I do not
> see the $349 option when I look on the site.  I noticed three levels:
> the workstations level at $179 which does not appear to include the
> daemons I need, the $799 version which is way more than I need, and
> the $2000+ version.  So $349 instead of $60, if that option exists.


Basic Edition provides 90-days of Installation and Configuration support (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm ET), and is available via download only.

Standard Edition provides a full year of Standard support (includes
Monday-Friday 9am-9pm phone support with 4 hour response (9am-5pm outside North
America) and a one year subscription to Red Hat Enterprise Network. Customers
ordering Standard Edition will receive a full boxed-product with CDs and
printed documentation and are also able to download the software if desired.

I've not researched what "standard support" means, but I think is't clear #449
does not include RHN.

> > Which distributions give you free telephone support?  Does FreeBSD give
> > you free support?
> I don't need telephone support at all.  I purchased it in the past and
> the two times I tried to use it, could not get through, so I will not
> pay for that again.

The _only_ support that would be useful to me is a stream of bugfixes. If RHN
used local mirrors instead of pulling packages half way round the world, I'd
think about it.

I could countenance paying something for something useful, but I've never felt
the need to register any of my bought packages, and since RH taught me I could
get along without buying them (by increasing the price to a ridiculous level)
I've not bought one.

> I need to be able to run a production shell server, mail server,
> webserver with ssl, dns server, and firewall.  I want up2date to
> work for at least 2 years and am not willing to pay more than
> $100/year.  I do not want to have to build all my own updates
> from source.  FreeBSD, SuSe, Debian, and even Windoze 2000 are
> looking more appealing.
> How is Debian able to do this?

Debian's done by volunteers. If you want to lend a hand, you're welcome. If you
ask RH if it would like help, it would probably say "No."



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