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Re: concerns for the future

if you are just a hobbyist wtf are you doing paying for corporate

it's free if u d/l it, and only a few bux if you buy the boxed set from
RH, nowhere near 300 bux.

On Sat, 29 Mar 2003, Craig Toenes wrote:

> I'm just a (hobbyist?)wanting to learn Linux. In the
> last two years I have purchased 7.3 and 8.0. I have a
> basic and a demo. I make very little money and have
> very little to spend. My interest in Redhat stems
> largely
> from the fact that they do some things very well and
> that they have the clout to litigate on behalf of
> the Linux community. Come the 31st I'm going to be
> looking for the ISO and hopefully that will work out.
> I guess the ugly truth is "no new distro;no money".
> I would like to include current versions of RH in my
> continuing education, but 349 dollars will buy me
> every major distribution on CD and then some. I can't
> keep up financially or learning curve wise with a
> steady stream of new distros that have nothing to do
> with past distros. I can't market skills to a tech
> community, in which my knowledge becomes obsolete
> every 8 months. How can the business community keep
> up with these changes? We "little folk" are going to
> be left out in the cold. The sad truth is that these
> policies, which seem necessary in the short term, will
> more than likely seal RH's fate as a once great
> has been and stimulate migration to other OS's. There
> is something wonderful about RH that defies
> description, but,I fear that as it abandons us we will
> abandon it.
>                     Craig
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