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Re: concerns for the future

Keith Mastin wrote:

...this is going a littel bit ad hominem...

i can't help but get the feeling that some people on this list are
starting to spread FUD about linux distro redhat.

There's a difference between FUD and fact.

I only wonder if they are microsoft employees paid to spread FUD about
redhat to hamper redhat's growth, this wouldn't surprise me as a tactic
used by microsoft.

Go wash your mouth out with soap... potty mouth. I think you're replying at least in part to me, and I distinctly wrote that I'm in the process of moving all my business over to Debian. What part of that didn't you understand?

as redhat has gotten more popular and made more business deals with
large IT vendors like dell, oracle, ibm...etc., some posters on this
list have started to make accusations of redhat getting like microsoft,
and whining about redhat charging money for the enterprise version.

No. It's about the short release/support cycles. The cash layout is actually trivial, but the downtime is the killer.

hey, if you don't like that....take a hike and get some other distro!

Some of us have to, and it's not been an easy decision. Until they pulled this move, redhat has been a great distro to work with. For the most part, the redhat community has also been great to work within. But like the feller that you replied to has so aptly stated, the cash layout every year is a bit much, especially if we have to continuously upgrade and relearn using the re-invented wheel. It's just a poor business model now.

if you want to see what expensive licensing is, take a look at major
database vendors/application servers/business intelligence and ERP
packages....now that's huge $$$. Compared to that, what redhat charges
is peanuts...very reasonable for a small business. Even compared to
microsoft, redhat or suse offer a great deal with their enterprise class
products....to get a database, email server and file/print server using
MS apps - win2k would be at least $3-4k (if you get a good deal) just in
software for the standard editions...with just 5 users for the most

I hate to say it, but even M$ supports for longer than a year after you pay up. I think that might be changing with dot net and XP, but I'm not sure about it... I don't do M$. I see you do though, so you'de know better than I about that.

if you get the enterprise version, the life cycle for redhat is 3 years if I recall correctly, suse is 5 years...
if the constant change is what don't like, can you afford to consider the enterprise version?

now add client access licences to that and it's even more.......in my
opinion, what redhat and suse are doing is very astute and they have my

Good for you. If it works for you, all the more power to ya. I'm sure that redhat probably has a very bright future ahead of them, but I suspect it will swing more and more to capturing a bigger marketshare of the desktop market as time goes on. That's fine, but I run servers and networks. I need stability, functionality, flexibility and scalability rather than gui configuration thingies.


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