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open letter to RH management

To whom it may concern:
I'd been interested in Linux for some time, mostly because I was
unhappy with Micro$oft's business concept. I started on a Tandon,
no hd. It ran ibmdos 1.1 at a blinding 4.77 mhz! Hell, face it,
dos 3.3 was good, win 3.1 and 95 ran--and ya could use it to do
what ya needed to do. And, be honest, neither has any worse
problems (just different) than Linux. No, its not the flaws in
the OS: It is that His Richness Gates considers you his personal
property, a resource: a cash well from which he can suck millions.
I don't want to be owned.

So, a few years ago i found a source for Linux on the net (don't
remember the flavor) and I downloaded the source code, compiled
it for an IBM Thinkpad 75mhz 486--and it ran! But, I was not yet
ready for Linux and it was not yet ready for me...so I stayed on
into 98.

Until I'd had enough. Then I requested Office Depot to
get Red Hat Linux--and pestered them until they stocked RH 7.2.
A little over a year ago I sprung for the cash, maybe $59,
and installed 7.2--and problems. Because I'd gotten it installed,
support was of no help. (They only help install, not correct your
problems after install!) My phone calls went unanswered, my emails
got no reply. When I was finally able to sign onto RHN, I learned
there were too many updates and bug fixes to have a reasonable
chance of getting it done in my lifetime, besides, 7.3 had just
come out. So, maybe 60 days into 7.2, again I put out the cash.

Before the new CD's arrived, I discovered someone hacked my system!
O.K., 7.3 installed and ran better than 7.2. But now I'm on this
update/upgrade/learning curve-- I've had 7.3 six months or so and
out comes R.H 8! Another $59, back on the update/upgrade/learning
curve? Well, lo and behold, RH 8 is not out long enough for the
afterbirth to dry behind its ears, and LO! out comes RH 9!

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, boy I feel like a fool.
Two times I payed cash for RHL, (for two distros and several books,
I'm in maybe $250), and the customer support sucked. I will not pay
for another experience like 7.2. I will not pay for non-existent
customer service. I will not pay someone to make me fell like a
dunce. I will not pay someone to keep me on the back of a never
ending update/upgrade/learning curve. I will not pay for a new,
possibly flawed, operating system every year--or less.I will not
be a cash well to a blood sucker--HRG or RHL. I will not be owned.

Red Hat, you just lost my business. I have not decided which OS I
will be using when I've gotten my money's worth out of 7.3--but you
can bet on this: it will not be RHL.
No reply expected.

Thank you and good bye.

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