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Re: ssh auto-login not working

>> I did a google for sshd buffer_get, and found a similar situation
>> where the cut and paste into the authorized_keys file on the server
>> was inserted as multiple lines rather than one string. The fix was to
>> delete the newlines in the authorized_keys file. This worked for me.
> ;-))
> That goes far to explain how you couldn't solve such an elementary
> problem!!

There were a few that I had to sort through. There were initial config
file anomolies and permissions, and then this. Lots of fun... :)

> It is, I think, worth filing a bug report explaining how a more precise
> diagnosis could help so many.

I'm not sure this is worth a bug report, as it's pretty hard to pinpoint
where the error originated from. I did the cut-n-paste via PuTTY, as I've
been doing this from my web development machine (windoh$).

> btw I use vi/vim/gvim for almost all my text editing, and I generally
> have line numbers turned on. _That_ would have highlighted your problem.
> Further, cut & paste works from gvim properly.

I only use vi (I hate using a mouse), but it has some quirks through
PuTTY. What's gvim? Gnome_vim, or Gnu_vim?

Keith Mastin
BeechTree Information Technology Services Inc.
Toronto, Canada
(416)696 6070

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